Cousin Mosquito #2

Parker begins with a fanciful biography of Rachmaninov (alternately pronounced /RAD-uh-MAN-ahf/ and /RAD-uh-MA-ni-nahf/). Her account has Rachmaninov's music being played "centuries later" (Rachmaninov died in 1943). Far from being unknown, Rachmaninov was a highly successful Russian composer, an unrivaled pianist, and a distinguished conductor. But what "Cousin Mosquito #2" lacks in historical accuracy it more than makes up in panache. Who but Parker would have thought to combine Rachmaninov's Prelude in C-sharp Minor, an improvised keyboard approximation of African drums, and a public-health message?

Cousin Mosquito #2. Spoken, played, and sung by Malinda Jackson Parker, with a portion of the famous Rachmaninov Prelude in C-sharp Minor.

He really was a genius. Rachmaninov died heartbroken because he had no money to publish his compositions. His brother would have published them, but was also bankrupt. Rachmaninov was never buried when he died, but was thrown out in the potter's [or "paupers'"?] field. But his music lives forever. Centuries later, his music did not fade away and is now being played throughout the world. Among his great compositions, his Prelude in C-sharp Minor is my favorite selection.

Mosquito, mosquito! Mosquito is no friend to man. Mosquito has a sting of death, and when he sing it is of death, Mosquito is no friend. With African drums. Mosquito is of human blood. Before he sting he always sing. African drums. Mosqui—, mosqui—, mosquito! Mosquito! Mosquito, mosquito!

Avoid cousin mosquito and his solo. He has the sting of death. Always sing before he sting. Beware! Take my advice. Mosquito is no friend to man. When you're living in a tropical country or anything is all the same, use DDT and destroy this wicked demon. Blood-sipping, sapping creature. Prevent this tiny creature from sapping all of your blood. Watch, pray, prevent, and save your little toe.

Mosquito! Watch your little toe, mosquito, is of human blood, watch your little toe, and when you're in a warm climate. Mosquito is of human blood. Beware! Mosquito! Cousin, cousin, cousin… Mosquito! Watch your little toe! Mosquito.

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