Detailed long-term plans often turn out not to be useful. Circumstances often force one to change course, rendering the previous plan useless. Therefore this plan is more a statement of the general way in which I hope to live my life than a to-do list.

I will attempt to maximize the expected balance of happiness over suffering. I'll do this by becoming a software developer and donating much of my earnings to effective charities.

My tentative conclusion is that developing expertise in a certain field is more valuable than developing competence in many unrelated fields. So I'll focus my efforts on improving skills related to software development, especially web development. This will come at the expense of activities related to effective altruism, such as contributing to online discussions and working on volunteer projects, unless those would also improve my software-development skills.

Because charities differ greatly in cost-effectiveness, I will also devote some time to investigating where I should donate. I'm not yet sure how much effort I should invest in this. Because I'm comparatively ignorant of both the inner workings of individual charities and how to evauluate charities, it may be that the best strategy is to seek out the opinions of others who know more and evaluate those.